Court Reporting Overview

Our certified shorthand reporters are accurate in all phases of court reporting, including business, scientific, medical malpractice, construction defect, intellectual property, and large multi-jurisdictional cases. You can expect your SouzaGroup reporter to be experienced and professional.

  • TheSouzaGroup court reporters are equipped with computer-based steno machines, real-time.
  • When your depositions span several days or weeks, we make every effort to send the same reporter for continuity.
  • We will provide complete technical assistance for real-time to hook up all parties. Technical support is at your disposal.
  • Our clients have a high degree of confidence in our performance standards. TheSouzaGroup transcript production undergoes stringent quality control review before delivery.
  • Our rates are very competitive.

Transcript orders include condensed transcripts, scanned, searchable exhibits that are linked and attached to PDF transcripts on CD and online. The scanned exhibits can be viewed with the transcript on the computer or as a stand-alone option to be used in conjunction with other litigation support software.

TheSouzaGroup, the best choice for reporting.

Court Reporting Services

  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Real-time and Real-time Streaming over the Internet
  • Examinations Under Oath
  • Public Meetings
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Video Depositions
  • Foreign Language Interpreters

All transcripts and exhibits are uploaded before they get out the door. Attorneys and staff have access online before the transcript is packaged for shipping.

Real Time Court Reporting

Using Real-Time reporting gives you these advantages:

  • When time is critical, real-time is one way to expedite the reporting process.
  • Ability to double-check the answer to a critical question to be sure it was on point and moves your case forward.
  • Ability to be sure the question asked was clean so the answer holds up in later review.
  • Real-time provides same-day partially edited uncertified copies of testimony.
  • Allows a deposition participant to review, organize, mark, search, annotate, insert comments, search text, and generate reports.
  • Provides immediate access to the proceedings from your laptop computer.
  • Quickly refer back to testimony throughout the deposition while the information is fresh and the witness is still available for further questioning.
  • Marked portions of testimony can be instantly recalled with a keystroke on your computer.
  • Saves time and puts you in greater command of the information.

Digital Litigation Package


    The ASCII is a universal file that you can easily import into many word processing programs, including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Your ASCII can also be opened in litigation support software such as LiveNote and Summation.

  • PDF

    Full-Size and Condensed Transcript with Word Index. The full-size PDF transcript is an exact duplicate of the “Certified Copy.” The PDF Condensed Transcript is delivered with four pages of testimony printed on each page. PDF files allow you to e-mail them without firewall constraints.

  • E-Transcript™

    We offer the convenience of E-Transcript™ to all of our clients. This electronic form of the Condensed Transcript and Key Word Index is a clean and easy way to e-mail a file. E-Transcript™ is a self-executable program. Just open it and go.

  • Scanned Exhibits on CD

    We scan all exhibits that are ordered in hard copy form and burn them on CD. If an exhibit is misplaced, you can easily print a clean copy, and with our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, you are able to word search each document.

  • Online Document Repository

    We archive every deposition transcript, ASCII, E-Transcript™, Exhibits online, and give clients secure 24/7 access. You can search files by case name and deponent name for any case. Our password-protected repository is the ultimate “anytime archive” of all your important case files.

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