Litigation Support Overview

Our solutions utilize state-of-the-art time- and money-saving technology. With one call, schedule court reporters and videographers anywhere.

For complex, multi-site depositions, we create master deposition books with indices for all exhibits. Tired of hauling documents and exhibits?

TheSouzaGroup can be the repository for all pertinent documents, and bring all the materials to the deposition sites as required.

We can save your staff time and keep cash flowing by directly invoicing your clients for services. If you would like us to include that service, just let us know your preference.

Litigation Support Services

  • Nationwide deposition coverage
  • Location scheduling anywhere
  • Document collection and scanning
  • Bates numbering, OCRing and coding
  • Technical support and training for trial presentation
  • Physical document storage
  • Online document repository and calendaring
  • Legal video services
  • Searchable exhibits
  • Trial presentation services

Case Management

Case Management Benefits, 24 Hours a Day

SouzaACCESS provides easy access to all your case documents, including transcripts, exhibits and all other repository documents. This module is easy to use and is accessible 24/7.

  • Access your account through desktop or mobile devices.
  • Selected documents for download are put into a zip file so downloads are instantaneous through email and can be opened immediately without waiting for time-consuming large downloads.
  • Handles operations of any size firm.
  • Reduce archiving and mailing costs.
  • Track, retrieve, print depositions from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Request services anytime.
  • Case deposition calendars.
  • Organized for easy-access to case documents.
  • Grant attorneys, secretaries, paralegals and experts permissions for limited or unlimited access to case documents
  • Permissions can be granulated down to document level so only those who need access have access.
  • Copies of documents can be retrieved at your convenience.
  • Easily accommodates attorneys’-eyes-only documents so clients can safely have access to only documents they are permitted to see in a case.

From File to Trial

  • TheSouzaGroup provides the technology and personal services that help attorneys manage their cases from file to trial, including real-time depositions, depositions via the Internet, electronic transcripts, instantly searchable video, instantly searchable exhibits, document production search and retrieval, secure online deposition storage, videoconferencing, on-site trial presentation services. Our clients can schedule these services from anywhere 24 hours a day.
  • Additionally, SearchableExhibits® by TheSouzaGroup helps attorneys by providing them the ability to search document production and exhibits instantly.
  • From file to trial, TheSouzaGroup enables clients to interact with their account information, schedule services, monitor and change the calendar at their convenience.
  • This is a password-protected, safe and secure account management and document repository, free to our clients.
  • Throughout the discovery process and through trial, our consultants, technicians, designers and staff are at your disposal. We understand deadlines. We work with you through changing situations and schedules to get the job done.
  • • With exceptional depth of talent and experience, TheSouzaGroup is aligned to address complex and critical matters. We are committed to focusing and advancing your objectives. With this mindset, TheSouzaGroup consistently provides personal, high-quality services to ensure that you will get the most for your time and money.

Litigation Client Benefits

Client Online Benefits 24 Hours a Day

  • Never lose a transcript or exhibit again.
  • Order service requests online.
  • Personalized deposition scheduling.
  • Calendar management, make, change or cancel service requests.
  • Locate and download documents archived in our secure, password protected repository.
  • Retrieve full-sized transcripts, condensed transcripts, word indexes and exhibits.
  • Get finished transcripts online before they even get out of our door.
  • Track, monitor scheduled jobs, print them, and sort them by different criteria.
  • E-mail your case documents and data anywhere.
  • Accomplish all the above through your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

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