Trial Presentation Overview

TheSouzaGroup will customize a trial presentation to fit your budget and trial schedule. Our courtroom presentations are designed for small or large cases with as few or as many video clips, documents and exhibits as your case requires. Our trial presentation program gives immediate access to any element of your case for control and effectiveness. It allows for text searches and instant access to video clips and any portion of the depositions and exhibits. There really is no limit to what can be choreographed and presented. It really depends on what you want. Just remember, many times the simpler the presentation, the better the presentation is received. The focus should always be on how to make the story line clean and simple so your point shines through clearly. Jurors may view presentation formats on a large screen in the courtroom, on monitors or both. There will always be a monitor at the counsel table.

Trial Presentation Services

  • From pre-trial preparation to in-courtroom orchestration, we give you the support and expertise you need so you can focus on winning your case. We will provide you with everything you need to create a persuasive presentation, including demonstratives, slideshows, exhibit displays, video and deposition clips that will work best for you and your case. We will provide professional audio/visual equipment, including digital presenters, flat panel monitors, high-resolution projectors and video distribution systems that are among the best available.
  • Our consultants will assist you to determine the optimal equipment setup for the courtroom. We can order, configure and install any necessary peripherals based on the special needs of your case.
  • TheSouzaGroup can train your staff, or we can put a trial consultant in your war room to become a part of your trial team so your staff is freed up from having to do the double duty of learning a new program while also working in the rush of trial preparation duties that always mount up as the war room moves to the courtroom.
  • TheSouzaGroup's multimedia trial graphics service provides the big picture and detail that the jury needs. The final designs can be loaded into specific trial presentation software such as Trial Director or Sanction, as a Power Point presentation, on foam core boards, or on a hard drive that can be taken into a courtroom, mediation or arbitration. A consultant will work with you to determine which medium is most effective. 3-D animation, exhibit boards, timelines, charts and diagrams that visually capture the demonstrative elements of your case can all be provided for you.
  • Throughout the trial, our consultants, technicians, designers and staff are at your disposal. We understand deadline environments. We will work with you through changing situations and schedules to get the job done. Let our team help your team get the big picture across to the jury.

Trial Presentation/Video-Computer-based Presentation

  • Show video testimony at trial.
  • Transfer videotaped testimony to DVD for easy viewing.
  • Synchronize transcript, video deposition and exhibits to DVD, thumb drive and hard drive.
  • Choose only the segments that best support your point.
  • Import case law at appropriate points to highlight your argument.
  • Rearrange your presentation as your case builds and changes.
  • Pull out key phrases from exhibits and accent with color for jurors' viewing.

TheSouzaGroup, the best choice for Trial Presentation.

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