Document Imaging Overview

TheSouzaGroup delivers high-quality digital imaging services daily for law firms, small and large. We provide economical document scanning, indexing, and archiving for a large variety of litigation support and trial presentation applications.

Output your document pool into any format you require. We can create load files for any litigation support program. We can also OCR the document pool so it is then searchable.

Document Depository Services. We will house your case-wide document pool in both an online depository and an on-site physical depository in our office. The online depository is accessible from anywhere in the world you can connect to the Internet. At our on-site depository, parties can view both physical documents and documents on computers. We reproduce documents on CD, DVD, hard copy and can upload online.

For law offices that are short on time and space, that desire a document solution for storage or are making the move to go paperless with the benefit of rapid search and retrieval, TheSouzaGroup has the right solution. Our scanning services produce digital images of your paper documents on CD, DVD, thumb drives, hard drives and online. Your documents can then be printed, e-mailed, used for presentation purposes, archived, and searched by key words.

One CD can hold up to 20,000 pages, which is equal to 8 full banker boxes. Hard drives can hold an unlimited amount of data.

Document Processing Services

TheSouzaGroup document scanning services include:

  • Productive scanning solutions for all document collections.
  • High-volume document management.
  • Image indexing and index verification.
  • Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Output PDF, TIFF or JPG images that look exactly like the original paper.
  • Searchable CD-ROM: Full-text search capability.
  • Recognize document text in 10 different languages.


Access the evidence of your case instantly!

SmartExhibits© is a digital imaging, CD-ROM/DVD searchable file system designed for easy identification and access. SmartExhibits© is a PC/Window based self-contained program. Search and retrieve every exhibit and the facts you need from a production document pool without leaving your desk. If you like what the index of condensed transcripts does for your ability to search transcripts, you will love what SmartExhibits© does for your ability to search your exhibits. You can even search an entire document production pool. Retrieval is instant. SmartExhibits© in your laptop computer makes these documents and this process portable too. No special software is required.

SmartExhibits© Advantages

  • Saves you and your staff time.
  • Saves you money.
  • Search and retrieve from the production document pool within seconds.
  • Each CD-ROM stores up to 20,000 documents.
  • Search for individual words.
  • Search for phrases.
  • Search one or tens of thousands of pages in a production document pool.
  • Avoids the 11th hour, last-minute pre-trial scramble.

How much time do you invest to read and search page by page through documents to find the facts that make your case?

With SmartExhibits© Retrieval is a Snap!

Discuss with our consultants how you intend to use the finished product. This will make it possible for us to suggest the best options to use in order to complete your project to your greatest satisfaction.

Document Scanning Benefits

  • Comparable to copy costs.
  • One CD-ROM diskette can hold up to 20,000 documents. That’s equal to eight filled bankers boxes.
  • Rapid and easy search and retrieval for both text and imaged files.
  • Documents can be imported into various word-processing programs.
  • You can have an electronic database of documents, such as case management files, transcripts, exhibits, legal briefs, invoices, financial statements, required regulatory documents, tax documents, etc.

Compare the archival costs and start saving today!

Document Scanning Disaster Recovery System

You have the ability to create a Disaster Recovery System by storing important documents on CD-ROM, DVD or hard drives off-site.

  • You eliminate misfiling and lost documents.
  • The productivity of staff to access documents is increased by eliminating the time-consuming task of retrieving and re-filing documents.
  • Electronic databases do not deteriorate over time as paper can.
  • Compare the archiving document costs onto CD-ROM vs. traditional physical storage and start saving today!

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